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Maiking A Flash Movie!

2007-09-14 13:02:43 by danny220

I am making a Flash movie using Sprites, hope it goes well, Also, If you have any tips can you PM them to me?

My Idea is for a mario/Shakespeare spoof, basically its mario characters in a shakespearian play =D


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2007-09-24 11:01:43

that idea seems formilia lolz

danny220 responds:

As smooth as a motion tween!


2007-10-03 12:31:38

no one loves you wana spam harry lolz

danny220 responds:

wat is harreees account?


2007-10-22 15:46:29

do you love the meat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

danny220 responds:

i can feel the meat in the air tongiht!!!!!!!!!! quite literally too stoopid bacon porkchops